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Hi, I am a Senior Researcher at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH (Graz University of Technology, Austria), Europe’s largest research and development center for virtual vehicle technology. 

My research interests lie in the broad area of Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Representation, and Semantic Reasoning I am especially interested in Semantic Web Technologies (ontologies, RDF, SPARQL), Semantic Reasoning (SWRL), and the NLP area – Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modelling.

I was born in Serbia. I finished my education there and started my career. I moved to Austria in 2017. I live in Graz with my husband and son.

I am a passionate book reader and history lover. I like to travel. I am dedicated to charity work.


The University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics & Informatics, Kragujevac, Serbia

    • Computer Science, Doctoral degree – 2020
    • Mathematics and Informatics, Master degree – 2010

Work experience


I was a Teaching Assistant for the course Introduction to Programming at the University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Science, Department for Mathematics and Informatics, Kragujevac, Serbia during my PhD studies.


Relevant publications

  • Kaiser, C., Stocker, A., Festl, A., Djokic-Petrovic, M., Papatheocharous, E., Wallberg, A., … & Fellmann, M. (2020, May). A Vehicle Telematics Service for Driving Style Detection: Implementation and Privacy Challenges. In VEHITS (pp. 29-36).
  • Arsić, B., Ðokić-Petrović, M., Spalević, P., Milentijević, I., Rančić, D., & Živanović, M. (2019). SpecINT: a framework for data integration over cheminformatics and bioinformatics RDF repositories. Semantic Web, 10(4), 795-813.
  • Djokic-Petrovic, M., Cvjetkovic, V., Yang, J., Zivanovic, M., & Wild, D. J. (2017). PIBAS FedSPARQL: a web-based platform for integration and exploration of bioinformatics datasets. Journal of biomedical semantics, 8(1), 42
  • Djokic-Petrovic, M., Pritchard, D., Ivanovic, M. and Cvjetkovic, V. (2016), IMI Python: Upgraded CS Circles web-based Python course. Computer Applications & Engineering Education, 24(3), pp. 464 – 480, ISSN: 1099-0542, 24: 464–480, doi:10.1002/cae.21724
  • Cvjetkovic, V., Djokic, M., Arsic, B., and Curcic, M. (2014). The ontology supported intelligent system for experiment search in the scientific research center. Kragujevac Journal of Science, (36), 95-110. ISSN: 1450-9636


  • Technologies: Semantic Web (ontologies, SPARQL), Natural Language Processing (Topic Modelling, Sentiment Analysis), Knowledge Discovery, Machine Learning
  • Programming: Python
  • Languages: Serbian (native), English (proficient), German (upper-intermediate)

Memberships and functions

Hobbies and interests

  • A passionate book reader and co-founder of Knjižičica
  • History lover


Dr. Marija Djokic Petrovic
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH
Inffeldgasse 21a
8010 Graz


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